Head & back massage (30 min)

€ 45,00

Swedish massage including shiatsu (75 min)

€ 75,00

Aromatherapy massage (75 min)

a fusion of essential oils and Swedish Massage with pressure points

€ 75,00

Prenatal massage (75 min)

Relieves backache, tension, sciatica, fatigue and swelling associated with pregnancy

€ 75,00

Manual lymph drainage (90 min)

A slow, light, gentle rhythmic massage designed to stimulate the lymphatic and immune system

€ 100,00

Hot lava stone massage (90 min)

Experience a deeper state of calm though the energy balancing & detoxifying benefits

€ 85,00

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Relieves pain, reduces stress, increases circulation and energy flow - eliminates toxins, enhances the healing process making you feel relaxed and balanced. A combination of massage techniques is used to meet your specific needs.