A powerful blend of refreshing advanced moisturising agents combined with the latest technology brightening peptide gently deep cleanses the pores while leaving the skin looking illuminated and more radiant.

MelanoVine™ Brightening Conditioner 250ml

  • Smart skin benefits

    • Balances pH level for optimal penetration of active ingredients to follow
    • Lightening and brightening
    • Leaves the skin vibrant and even toned
    • Anti-oxidant




    Directions to use

    Tone after cleansing. Apply to damp cotton wool pad and wipe over face, neck and décolleté.








    Powerhouse ingredients

    • Chromabright® Chamomile Flower Extract
    • Does not contain harmful chemicals
    • Does not contain harmful perfumes/fragrances
    • Does not contain colourants
    • Does not contain harmful petrochemicals or mineral oils
    • Has not been tested on animals