A refreshing, aromatic shampoo that washes away daily environmental stress. Infused with 
powerful,anti-oxidants which protect hair against harsh environment factors. Suitable for all hair 

What you need to know:
An aromatic shampoo infused with refreshing aromas of Rosemary and Marjoram which thoroughly cleanses the hair and helps balance the scalp. It contains Hyaluronic acid to lock-in moisture, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein which provides high glutamine levels to the hair and Panthenol to provide hydration.

Sauvignon Blanc Shampoo 200ml

  • Smart skin benefits

    • Ph-balanced shampoo leaving hair soft and manageable
    • Deep cleansing formula that removes product build-up,
    • Impurities and pollution Purifying


    Directions to use

    • Apply 5ml shampoo to wet hair
      • Gently massage with fingertips to form a lather
      • Rinse thoroughly
      • Follow with Chardonnay Conditioner

    Powerhouse ingredients

      • Restorative Hair Complex (Lustrous shine), Grapeseed extract (anti-oxidant), Panthenol (Pro-
        Vitamin B5 (hydrates), hyaluronic Acid, Rosemary and Marjoram essential oils
    • Does not contain toxic chemicals
    • Does not contain harmful perfumes/fragrances
    • Does not contain colourants
    • Does not contain harmful petrochemicals or mineral oils
    • Has not been tested on animals